GET growth of more than 50%
your product
Product is different
from competitors - special
visual techniques will capture the
eyes and attention of the buyer
Make the brand
The unique appearance of
the packaging and the addition
of a topper easily distinguishes
you from the competition.
The packaging forms the final decision
on the acquisition, turns the
first purchase into a repeated
one, and then into a consumer habit
Reduce production
You do not have to
spend money on the purchase
of new equipment, obtaining
licenses, and new employees
3 Steps of our cooperation
Choose an ingredient in a topper:

more than 100 ingredients
of cookies, chocolate drops
and mixes

We design topper of
any size and heights

Deliver toppers right
to you on production
5 Stages of the projectEvery project is deep immersion
in the market, in culture
consumption and product
presentation, volumes,
choice of filling
In developing each
concept we analyze competitors
and take into account market
influence factors
Defining exact goals
project to boost efficien
Correct and
develop a coordinated
Signing a contract
and getting started
3 options Chocolate drops
What do
you get in the process of working with us
Commercial offer and
detailed calculation of
the cost of your project
A personal manager who
will accompany you at
all stages of development
High-quality production of the product,
in compliance with all standards.
In the final of the project
you only have to release a run
How are we useful?
Production accounts over
250 successful projects in
different FMCG market segments.

We have the expertise in brand development,
development, packaging design for local
We are specialized in
the production of ingredients for dairy products, ice cream
and confectionery.

All ingredients can be used
as add-ins for the main product,
as decoration, and also can
be packed in an extra double cup
compartment, or packed into a topper
High-quality raw materials base,
sophisticated technologies,
modern equipment and a team of
professionals who will develop and
produce an unique product for you.
FIND OUT PRICE your project
It’s free and it won’t
take a lot of time

We will contact you
and specify details
Our experience most continue
cooperation after the
first joint project
Since 2007 in
contract manufacturing
with world
leaders FMCG
collaborate after
the first project
Clients in the
Russian Federation,
Belarus, Kazakhstan
and the Middle East
Explore our customer stories to find out how we help global brands
Yogurt with
a spoon in to GO format
Our sales department offered young dairy brand  «Smeshaika» to consider toppers as an addition to products for kids Together we chose 2 toppings from the Joy-Co collection - teddy bear cookies and chocolate cereals. In the process of researching the demand in the first 2 weeks of sales, it turned out that buyers would like to eat this product not only at home, but also outside it. We finalized the topper and added a spoon.

So It became the first children's yogurt with a spoon in togo format in Russia.
Yogurt with
chia seeds
Danone Belarus - the main goal of this company was to diversify its product and win places in consumer baskets, but all attempts were a failure. Different options and concepts allowed us to take a fresh look at the product and pushed us to a fresh and right decision!

We helped them find a compromise option - the current format of the topper cover is Danon Russia with a useful muesli filling with chia. After excellent sales performance, we launched large-scale production